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Electronic Cut & Fill Ground Model

We can provide an electronic Cut & Fill quantification exercise that is much more accurate than a long hand type measure. The measure is also provided with a colour coded Isopachyte drawing that clearly indentifies the areas and depths of the cut and fill across the site.

Once the first iteration is complete, we can provide further iterations to help balance the initial muck offsite volume to keep as much of it on the site as possible. We can also factor in foundation and drainage arisings and alternative make up designs.

If the site levels are raised to keep muck on site, we will provide a revised Finished Levels Drawing which takes account of any required tie in levels and vehicle tracking gradients.

Estimating & Tendering

Our team are experienced in providing Cost Plan Measurement which is typically measured from outline or less detailed information.

We can utilise our Clients templates for presentation, or if these are not available then we can provide our own.

If a fully priced Cost Plan is required, our sister company Censeo Consulting Limited can provide this service

BOQ Production

Each project is allocated a dedicated lead QS to be the Client point of contact and to lead and manage the BOQ preparation process.

We agree the format of a Bill Issue Sheet with the Estimator at the start of each project. This enables the Estimator to set up his bill hierarchy at the beginning of the process.

We agree bill section release dates with the Estimator to help him to plan his enquiry programme.

As bills are issued the Bill Issue Sheet is updated with issue dates so that the Estimator can be easily track which sections he should have received, which are outstanding, and which sections have been subject to an addendum.

We aim to provide bills that are user friendly for the Estimator.

Our QS’s have the knowledge and experience to identify, and if necessary fill, the design gaps inherent in the tender stage documents. We highlight any assumptions made and the risk and opportunity in the design that we are measuring through a Measurement Note and RFI and process.

We can provide colour marked up drawings to show clearly what has been measured for certain elements if required.

Bill sections can be issued in CITE, Conquest and / or Excel files.

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